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PIAA Physical Form:  This form must be completed by the parent/guardian, athlete and a physician before any athlete may participate in a school-sponsored program.  Sections 1 through 6 of the form must be completed before participation in the athlete's first sport.  Section 7 must be completed for any additional sport.

MASD Code of Conduct:  The Code of Conduct is a board-approved policy that must be agreed upon by all athletes and parent/guardians before participating in any school-sponsored program.

Conflict Resolution Policy:  We wish for our athletic programs to be a learning atmosphere - one where our student-athletes will learn to be responsible for their own representation.  This board-approved policy first requires that student-athletes discuss any problems with their coaches.  Only if no understanding can be reached, do we move towards meetings with parents/administration.

MASD Grade Eligibility:  Board-approved policy and PIAA policies regarding the grade requirements to participate in MASD programs.

Concussion Protocol for Return to Play:  Board-approved protocol required for a student to complete in order to return to play after suffering a concussion.